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The General Federation of Women's Clubs is an international women's organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.


 Child Car Safety Seat Identification Packets

General Federation of Women’s Clubs-Arizona (GFWC-AZ) has launched a program called W.H.A.L.E., an acronym for "We Have A Little Emergency".  Today many children do not ride in automobiles with their parents or guardians.   They travel with grandparents, babysitters, or other caregivers.  One such caregiver, a day care worker in Virginia, who transported children in her vehicle, started the program. She realized that if she was in an accident and was incapacitated, emergency workers would have no way of identifying the children in their car safety seats.  Therefore, the W .H.A.L.E. Program was born.

 The W .H.A.L.E Program is an identification and information program for child car safety.  The packet consists of the following;

A 4.75 x 3.75  car seat information sticker
Two W.H.A.L.E. stickers for each side of the car seat
Two W.H.A.L.E. vehicle stickers for the rear side car windows
Information/Instruction sheet for parents and/or guardians

The car seat sticker, which is attached to the back side of the car seat/car seat base, provides important information about the child in the car seat, such as: name, date of birth, medical history and who to contact in the event of an auto accident.  Attaching the identification sticker to the back of the seat ensures the privacy of personal facts by making it not visible from outside the vehicle.  Two of the stickers are attached to the sides of the safety seat, and two vehicle stickers attached to the rear side windows of the vehicle to alert rescuers that the child seat occupant participates in the program.  In the event the adult in the vehicle is incapacitated, the identification sticker has emergency contact information, which provides valuable information about a child to rescue workers.

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